Overview of MaRCCI’s Research Program

MaRCCI has a research wing headed by Dr. Isaac Dramadri, with Dr. Sharon Tusiime as Seed Systems Specialist.  The research is supported by Graduate Fellow, Mr. Richard Tusiime, and Research Assistants, Mr. Herbert Badara and Mr. Moses Ebong.

Oversight of the research programme is provided by Senior Advisor and Plant Breeder, Prof. Paul Gibson, Senior Plant Breeder, Dr. Albert Chiteka, and the Centre Director, Dr. Richard Edema.

This research programme is designed to support the training programme and to cooperate with national and regional breeding efforts. It currently supports two crops, cowpea and sorghum as model crops to demonstrate best practice in modern plant breeding to students in both the PhD and MSc training programmes of MaRCCI and scientists in the region.  Other crops may be added later.


The goal of the research program is to to avail model breeding programs that demonstrate best practices in modern plant breeding and lead to release of improved varieties towards the achievement of  food and nutrition security of the region.

Breeding Objective

To develop high yielding, early maturing and stress resilient cowpea and sorghum varieties for Uganda.