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Biotechnology Laboratory

This is one of a kind biotechnology lab operating for over 10 years in Makerere University’s Agricultural Research Institute-Kabanyolo. It is currently managed by MaRCCI. It is a biosafety level II laboratory with experienced and qualified technologists. The lab hosts several international researchers, including PhDs, MScs, post-docs and intern-fellows. It also supports the cowpea and sorghum breeding programs under MaRCCI, with research projects ranging from plant genomics and pathology, to weeds and insect pests.

The facility possesses state-of-the-art equipment that can provide effective, timely and efficient output, while the staff give good attention to personnel and their environmental safety.

This is where most of the preparatory activities are done, including receiving and storing sample, extracting DNA, RNA and antigens, preparing PCR reaction mixes, synthesizing cDNA and sterilizing instruments. The sample Prep Geno-grinder with the capacity to crush 384 samples within five minutes using glass beads provides a high through-put that speeds and eases the researcher’s work.

This lab houses electrophoresis and gel documentation procedure using Gel Green or EZ-Vision Blue light fluorescent dyes instead of ethidium bromide for gel staining as a safety measure.

This is used to run both end-point and real-time PCR using fast and gradient-enabled thermocyclers. Quantification using the Nanodrop-1000 system is also done here. This unit also houses the ELISA plate reader, plate washer and incubators.