MaRCCI’s Facilities

Facilities assigned to MaRCCI include a classroom and office building, research fields, screenhouses, a biotech and microbiology lab, a bioinformatics capability, a cold store and seed handling facility, and a temperature-controlled growth room.

Many other research facilities are available through Makerere University, NARO, and other cooperators. MaRCCI is in the process of building a new, 2-story classroom and office building,


which will also house a video-conferencing facility.  In addition, a well-equipped lab for seed quality testing is under development.  This lab will have the capability of testing seed germination and vigor, diseases, physical purity, and varietal identity by DNA fingerprinting.

The purpose of the facilities available to MaRCCI is to serve the needs of individuals and institutions involved in improving food and nutrition security.  These facilities serve MaRCCI scientists, PBB and PBSS students, students from many other programmes and departments of Makerere University and other universities, visiting scientists, interns, NARO staff, NARI staff from other countries, seed company needs, short-course participants, and many others through institutional and individual arrangements.  

Through partners, MaRCCI and associated staff and students receive guidance from premier experts in many different disciplines.

Access to MaRCCI’s facilities, expertise, and services is available upon request.  In the future, contract research and diagnostic services by MaRCCI will be developed.  These services will also include seed production advisory services and contract seed production & research.